Özpolatlar construction "builds nests"

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Özpolatlar Brand Values;

We have all the resources our customers ‘ needs, expectations and satisfaction according to

Our projects are of environmental, historical and cultural texture adapt to

Our administrative staff, technical and administrative personnel and by fulfilling the requirements of the era with architectural appeal in accordance with the values of the society to produce living spaces

To serve the improvement of living standards and social development

The advanced technology, the right partners, the use of high quality materials, meticulous architectural and engineering services in the crucible by melting of the same, implement all our projects

Our policy is to contribute to the economy by creating new jobs for continuous productivity

In order to prevent illegal construction crooked and `urban transformation projects providing support to

The need to build a safe habitat to natural disasters in terms of security

Özpolatlar Principles;

Fast and quality production, add value to life, preserve the natural texture, respect for life, to ensure continuity of service to support life, does not produce building living spaces that create.

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