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In 1979 we set up an ideal.

From the day our company was founded we’ve ever had, its principles, the principles established as a company, we aim to always be innovative and pioneering in the industry. For this purpose, with competent people in the field who have developed themselves, with the tools that developed the technology, not according to the current time for the future work you’ve done. with the right people, successful in the business and our projects our teams developed themselves, which leave us alone with our colleagues in their field our customer base, we have achieved particular success.

By focusing our core activities, to grow at every stage of production service, Pre-Sales, Sales, Delivery prior to delivery in the aftermath of appropriate for sustainable quality management systems, Total Quality Management and work with experts to implement management models, sharing with experts, get feedback and improvement in our processes and use this expertise. Work with qualified people, quality and technology give importance to reflect on areas of expertise of your life. To increase employee competencies. Work with competent employees. Outside of the task definition in all conditions, take responsibility, to show initiative and make it available. Always your job voluntarily with an amateur spirit, but do it professionally. His job is not just a job, it will detect it as a philosophy of life, as the purpose of life. Which internalised devotion to cooperate with customers, offer environmentally sound products and services that make life easier for society.

Architectural projects and projects in the public offering in our place did not count. So contrary to our principles to make the same type of strict rules and structure. For this reason, each project sekillenip yourself appropriately to be applied from the location, the architecture, the landscaping, from payment plans to totally unique. We do and why we do this; for us, every human, every our valued customer, our goal is to offer personalized payment options projects. The owner of the house that we want without no one, and since its inception we are working for this. To this day, more than 5,000 housing over 50 job site to produce them, handing them to the rightful owners, we are proud to have our circle of people with their own payment conditions. Very appreciated by the formal institutions and organizations in the region to add value, quality policy, environmental policy, didn’t budge, specialized and innovative structure we are; we strive to offer a better service to our people.

when we apply our own system that we apply to our projects in the regions, interest-free, non-credit, 60 month or 72 installment we are offering our public.

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