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Type Of Hope

Hope Özpolatlar form a structure that was developed for the type of construction.

What is the Type Of Hope?

The external facades of buildings, stairs, landings, the layout of the environment, according to the project, social facilities, depending on the project, elevator, exterior doors, windows and balcony doors of the building that affect the exterior and fenced, flat walls, rough plaster interior walls, roof, wiring, plumbing and all that belong to the building 1. materials manufactured with the TSE and the remaining parts in the circle class is left to the buyer.
Why Type Of Hope

With this project both to the recipient ozpolat construction more affordable and offers the opportunity to be the owner of the apartment to your own liking. Once the home is taken, we want to be the best that has been taken. How much of our taste is well suited to standard housing? how he meets our needs? of course relative and debatable issue. if you are unhappy with, you will want to change. get the money while you make the change of the products already pay for the apartment. to pay more money for the same products you are changing. thus, a material many times you are paid. we hope that with the type to suit your own taste without the need of it we want to be homeowners and more affordable.

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Project Development Team

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